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Welcome to the Carriage House Creations Online Store. If you see anything you like on the following pages, you can order it here through PayPal. You do not have to belong to PayPal to use their services, they are a secure site, so just fill out the order form.  You can also order by simply calling 814 653-8707 (with a valid credit card).   It is that easy.    There are three (3) main areas to our products: This includes our delicious sauces and salsas, jams and jellies, and our unique gift baskets. They make a unique and delicious gift for any occasion, such as Bridal Showers or Wedding Receptions and can be customized.  We have great unique one-of-a-kind gift baskets, and unique recipes to coordinate with ALL of our products.  Those unique recipes are a "click" away in our recipe folder.  Check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please:  shipping to the contiguous states only.

  Gift Baskets, the specialty of the "House", by Carriage House Creations.  Reynoldsville, PA   Jams and Jellies:  manufactured in small batches for the homemade taste by Carriage House Creations:  Reynoldsville, PA   Sauces and Salsas, made by Carriage House Creations:  all products made in small batchs for the great "homemade" taste.  Carriage House Creations:  Reynoldsville, PA  

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